Friday, September 29, 2006

Is "Wonkette" French for "Stupid Cow?"

Evidently, the slouches at Wonkette are unable to carry on conversations that don't involve genitalia, Michelle Malkin-bashing, or sewer-level humor.

The funny thing is, I never even heard of Wonkette until after I heard of Michelle Malkin. Malkin says something, Wonkette throws a rock and posts some made-up picture with the trademark racial slur that can only come from a puerile liberal cybertramp like Wonkette, and round and round, forever and ever amen.

Seems that with all the Malkin-bashing, Wonkette must not be able to live without Malkin. They must all be Democrats over at Wonkette, because parisitism just comes so naturally to them.

That's all the bandwidth I'm going to waste on the stupid cow.