Friday, September 29, 2006

Democrats Show True Colors in House/Senate Vote

The Dissociated Press brings us a story that describes the debate between Republicans and Democrats that will determine the ability of the United States to defend ourselves against a ruthless, unorthodox, and brutal enemy.

At long last, we are seeing the congealing of opposing ideas in the halls of our government regarding the prosecution of our war against Islamic murderers. One idea is to give our President every tool possible to command a changing military in a highly fluid and unstable battlefield, with the oversight of Congress.

The other idea is to elevate the civil rights of our enemy over the civil rights of American citizens- an idea that motivates Democrats to oppose every meaningful and effective strategy at our disposal in this war; to demand immediate withdrawal from regions in which the enemy is being killed wholesale and democracy is being established; to put forward no plan whatsoever as an alternative to the current one; and to push legislation that would further erode America's ability to secure our borders and prevent illegal immigrants from insinuating themselves into our society without penalty.

The Democrats have abandoned all pretense at long last. The protestations are still there for the media to propagate, but at this point the cards are all on the table and America stands at the threshold of one of the most important elections in her history. We can choose to press on in the fight, or to capitulate to the terrorists. While there are other issues to consider in the upcoming election, if our ability to defend ourselves is forfeited then none of the other issues will matter all that much.

The passage of House Bill H.R. 5825 and Senate Bill S. 3931 will go far to uphold our ability to prosecute the most unorthodox war in our history. Yet the Democrats, in their usual fashion, vehemently oppose them. Patrick Leahy, who singlehandedly caused the deaths of CIA agents by exposing them to our enemies, called the senate bill "bad" and "dangerous." And Leahy knows all about being bad and dangerous.

AP Reporter Laurie Kellman cites House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R- Illinois) as saying that "Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and 159 of her Democrat colleagues voted today in favor of more rights for terrorists... So the same terrorists who plan to harm innocent Americans and their freedom worldwide would be coddled, if we followed the Democrat plan."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Iran) shot back, "Would you think that anyone in our country wants to coddle terrorists?"

Well, there's a rhetorical question if ever I saw one.

As a matter of fact, Nancy, Americans do think that there are people in our country want to coddle terrorists. We call them Democrats, and the Democrats themselves convince of of this fact through their obstinate and consistent obstruction of America's capacity to wage war against our enemies, through their scorn of American citizens' rights in favor of defending terrorist murderers, through their continued enablement of extraordinary dispensation for illegal aliens (driver's licenses, ocllege scholarships, health insurance, etc.) , and through their constant assault on the Constitution regarding the rights of Americans to defend themselves against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

As Ted Kennedy (D- Chappaquiddick) declared, "In 40 days, we can put an end to this nonsense". Of course, Ted Kennedy was referring to the "nonsense" of defending ourselves against a determined enemy in favor of outright capitulation and a return to the Clinton Dark Ages.

In a rare flash of truth, Pelosi and the Democrats who voted with her in lockstep clearly articulated the single most defining characteristic of the modern Democrat Party, to wit: an abiding hatred of America that drives them to assault our national security in time of war in hopes that our defeat by a foreign enemy will at last force our submission to the United Nations and do away with our Republic once and for all.