Thursday, September 07, 2006

Frist Announces Unanimous Passage of Coburn-Obama Bill!

Senator Bill Frist has announced from his VOLPAC blog:
"Tonight I’m proud to report that the Senate unanimously passed S. 2590, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006. The passage of this legislation is a triumph for transparency in government, for fiscal discipline, and for the bipartisan citizen journalism of the blogosphere. Without the efforts of ordinary Americans empowered by the Internet, including many hardworking members of the iFrist Volunteers, this legislation might easily have been successfully obstructed. Instead, the unprecedented synergy between online grassroots activists and Senate leadership provides a new model for participatory democracy in action."

This may not be the end of pork-mongering, but Hastert, Stevens, Byrd, and other hilltop slimedogs will have a helluva lot of highly-interested citizens breathing down their necks from now on. This is a great victory for the citizens of this country, and a huge hat tip goes out to all the grassroots blogosphere activists who made life miserable for Byrd and Stevens. Those rotten pukes ought to be unemployed at the first opportunity.

The people of this nation have spoken. It's about damned time these bums listened.

Next on the agenda: closing our borders.