Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mexican Leftists/ American Leftists: A Coincidental Resemblance, or Common Strategy?

The story goes like this:

A man is elected the nation's president by a narrow margin. The loser of the election, who is a leftist, demands a recount. The recount also goes in favor of the winner. The high court of the land is called in to rule. The judgment upholds the nation's constitution and rules in favor of the winner of the recount. The loser's leftist supporters are stunned; many openly weep, rant and curse, and the leftist's supporters vow to leave their country for the country to the north. The leftist loser also vows to oppose the newly-elected government at every turn by disrupting the political process and attacking the new president's supporters. The leftists threaten to take to the streets and disrupt the nation's economy and derail progress at every opportunity.

Politics in Mexico? Or politics in America?

The answer is yes to both.

The resemblance that Obrador's leftist movement bears to its American counterpart in the Democrat Party is astounding. When President Bush was re-elected, hundreds of thousands of leftists threatened to pack their bags and make a run for Canada. Of course, they didn't, while Mexicans flee to the north every day by the thousands. (So I guess Mexican leftists at least can be trusted to keep their promises.)

But now here in America, we have the Code Pinks, the Sheehan Circus, the Deaniacs, every tie-dye-sporting hemphead that hasn't recovered from the Summer of Love, and Ivy-league Ph.D weenies (including some whose credentials are fraudulent) doing everything they can to subvert the will of the people and the security of a nation by any means at their disposal- written, recorded, spray-painted on the sides of houses, keyed into the sides of cars, burned onto lawns, and soon to be slyly insinuated with grave feminine intonations on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

One should perceive an obvious and dated pattern to the Leftist Art of Global War, and it is this: as a rule, when leftists do not get what they want through conventional means (which they rarely do in a society that can see through their lies), they will either simply circumvent the law or do all they can to destroy the good things that law-abiding citizens own, value, and aspire to in order to vent their irrational and nihilistic rage. It is the toddler's temper tantrum on a massive scale, save that the leftist toddlers are often college-educated, upper-class, and utterly bereft of any genuine moral platform for their anger. These people make it up as they go along, or they get stuck in the rut of "No War!" or other such vacuous and futile slogans that world events have left in the dust long ago. And they have to have a slogan, don't they? Always, there is some kind of slogan, forever and ever, amen:

"All we are saaaaaaaayinnnnnng, is giiiive peace a chaaaaaaaaaaance,"

"No blood for oil!"

"Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Soap and Water's Gotta Go."

(Okay, I made that last one up, but having had to walk through some of these groups when they blocked the way into a government building, it seems that while they did not actually chant such a creed, they certainly lived by it. But I digress.)

Indeed, I think that if one looks at leftist organizations throughout the world, one will see exactly the same pattern. Their playbook consists of one page, and three words: "Deceive, Disrupt, Destroy."

Deceive the public into giving you what you want.

Disrupt the daily life of the society if they do not give you what you want.

Destroy everything that the society values- property, reputations, and lives- if you still don't get what you want.

In America, leftists call their tactic "civil disobedience," and their disobedience is anything but civil. "Civil" to American leftists means blocking rush hour traffic; keying cars; encouraging illegal aliens to vote; trashing the offices of opposing politicians; threatening opposition campaign workers with physical violence and their children with death; spray painting their houses, their cars, their sidewalks; handcuffing themselves to doors and gates of government buildings; burning crosses on the lawns of Jewish public figures; giving secrets to our enemies; spitting on our servicemen; blowing up botany laboratories; killing lumberjacks by spiking trees; blowing up police stations; robbing armored cars.

I'm not kidding. They really call it "civil." But around the world, by any name the leftists give it, the behavior is all the same. Deceitful, disruptive, and destructive.

Look, this is not complex stuff, folks. If you don't believe me, simply take some more time and look for yourselves. I invite you to test this theorem. It will stand up to your scrutiny, as it has stood up to the scrutiny of critical thinkers for generations.

The strategy of leftists is not the stuff of which truly great men are made. Leftism is the blueprint for thuggery. Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin were all punk thugs on whose hands was smeared the blood of millions of innocent victims. Castro and Guevara deceived and murdered their way into the leadership of Cuba. Now look at what Cuba has become. The fruit of leftism is death and waste. It is the work of an infantile, selfish, parasitic, and inherently poisonous ideology. It is preoperational egocentrism with a gun.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that incorrigible morons like Obrador and his American counterparts should seek remedy outside the ragged fringes of the law. There is no other way for leftists to exist.


American or Mexican, the threat to the progress of civilized society leans distinctly to the left.