Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bill Clinton, Failure

Bill Clinton passionately vented his wrath at Chris Wallace earlier this week, defending his policy of selling national security wholesale while looking good doing it. He summed up his eight years of turning the White House into a trailer park in five little words: "I tried, and I failed."

But that's the problem. He did not try. He confessed on tape that he was offered Osama bin Laden by the Sudanese, and Clinton turned them down. The self-serving creampuff displayed that rare audacity reserved only for the morally bankrupt when he told the American people that he tried. Can a person be any more bereft of moral direction than Bill Clinton?

And he follows with the accusation that the Bush administration had eight whole months to do something about bin Laden, and did nothing.

Mr. Clinton, you had eight years and you had bin Laden offered to you. And you did nothing. You could have saved 3,000 Americans. You turned down a chance to actually do something good during your administration because you were afraid of looking bad.

Well, you sure look bad now, Billy boy.

The Clinton legacy that Bill and Hillary have lied, cheated, stolen, and killed to prop up for themselves is falling to pieces around their ears. And that is a good thing.