Monday, September 04, 2006

Unlike Seattle, Jordanians Know Terrorism When They See It

In Amman, Jordan, a Muslim male (surprise, surprise) shot one British tourist dead and wounded five others, including a Jordanian police officer. As the Muslim male opened fire, he shouted (surprise surprise) "Allahu Akhbar" (Muslim for "I'm going to kill you").

Jordan's Interior Minister Eid al-Fayez told reporters at the scene, "This is a cowardly terrorist attack, which we regret took place on Jordanian soil," [italics mine]. Al Fayez continued, "This operation is considered a terrorist act unless the man is found to be deranged."

Well, how about that. When a Muslim male opens fire on non-Muslims anywhere in the world except Seattle, it is a terrorist act. But in Seattle, where a Muslim male (surprise, surprise) opened fire on Jewish women after identifying himself as a Muslim, Police Chief Gil Kerlikowski refused to call it a terrorist act. He was even reluctant to call it a "hate crime." Seattle's city council and police department went through some shocking verbal gyrations in their attempts to avoid calling a terrorist act what it indeed was. Kerlikowski even went so far as to post police cruisers around Seattle-area mosques in order to prevent retaliatory assaults against Muslims.

Now let me ask you this: when was the last time a retaliatory attack against Muslim males or mosques occurred in the continental United States? I can't think of a single incident. Now why would that be? Could it be that Americans are above that sort of thing? I certainly think so.

But deranged liberals like SPD Chief Gil Kerlikowski and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels live in a world where everything is upside down. The perpetrators become the victims, and the victims are to blame for tempting the criminals. Shame on us.

(Then again, when was the last time you heard Muslims in America renouncing the heinous acts of their religious brethren? Their silence on this issue speaks volumes about their underlying support of what these animals are doing.)

Now let me be perfectly clear here. I am not advocating retaliation against mosques or anywhere else where these hateful Muslims hang out. Unlike Muslims, the vast majority of Americans conduct themselves in a civilized manner and don't murder people for making off-handed comments about their religion. (I guess the Muslims are a little sensitive about the fact that Mohammed was a thief and a pedophile.)

But I will say this: Kerlikowski is such an inept leader, and his police department so utterly castrated by his limpwristed and effeminate command, that if someone really wanted to strike back at Seattle-area Muslims for their treachery, there wouldn't be much Kerlikowski and company could do to stop it. (Seattle's style of governance is not conducive to promoting law and order, after all. They know that if they cleaned up the town, they would lose their primary voter base.) Yet Americans don't do that because we are better than that. And that is a good thing. That is also what separates civilized human beings from Muslims.

But I bet if- God forbid- retaliation against Muslims occurred, Kerlikowski and Nickels would fall over each other to call it terrorism.