Thursday, August 31, 2006

Senate Accountability In Spite of Byrd and Stevens

Senator Bill Frist notes in his blog today:

"I'm very encouraged to see that all one hundred Senators have now answered the blogosphere's inquiries on the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act. Now is the time to act. In September, I will bring S. 2590 to the floor of the Senate for the vote it deserves."

This bill, if signed into law, would make it possible for American citizens to see just where all that money we give this government goes. It would include all the earmarks that unscrupulous porkmeisters like Dennis "the Menace" Hastert, Robert "Kleagle" Byrd, and Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens have used to suck our economy into the red for their own personal enrichment.

But it could not make it to the floor for debate because someone slapped an anonymous hold on it. Well, it turns out that the guilty parties were none other than Robert Byrd and Ted Stevens. Go figure.

Byrd and Stevens did not place their holds on the bill because it violated anyone's civil rights- it didn't. Nor did they do it because they knew the bill would uncover their insatiable avarice and moral bankruptcy- which it will. But that is not why Byrd and Stevens perpetrated this despicable act against the American people.

Byrd and Stevens stopped this bill for political revenge.

That's right, Spanky. They did it just to get even with the Senators who wrote the bill. It didn't matter that the bill was absolutely critical in restoring the trust of the American people in their elected government. It didn't matter that the American people expect their Senators to act like mature adults and do the right thing. No; all that mattered to Byrd and Stevens was settling their petty and immature little personal grudges- at the expense of the American people.

These are the kinds of stupid, insipid games that our elected Senators and Congressmen are playing in Washington, on our dime, while our rights, our sovereignty, our identity, our security and our international mission get shoved into the outhouse. We put our trust in these schmucks, and this is what they give us in return.

And since both a Democrat and a Republican are responsible for this travesty, we now have conclusive evidence that such pieces of filth like Byrd and Stevens are not exclusive to one party or the other.

Doesn't that make you feel good about our government? I tell you, it just makes me tremble with patriotism...

After this outrage, if I find one of these old-boy cowards on my front porch during an election year, you can bet I will be opening something up for them- and it ain't gonna be my wallet.