Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Word of Caution to the Republican Party

There's a word for the prevailing attitude among the Republican Party: Hubris. That is, overbearing pride, blind complacency, and arrogant presumptuousness.

The Mehlmanites watch the meltdown at "Jackass Central" with no small measure of satisfaction. They pat themselves on the back for their self-perceived savvy and laugh at the utter confusion and autoimmune dysfunction that has beset the Democratic National Committee. At The DNC, self is no longer able to distinguish from nonself. The body is being devoured from within by the metastatic cancer of radical socialism. With no direction, no vision, no plan for the conduct of this nation's affairs, and no unity except for their hatred of Bush, Karl Rove, and America, Democrat now feverishly hacks away at the political career of fellow Democrat in an effort to advance one's personal agenda and vision of "How America Ought To Be"(TM).

But as they watch the carnage with smug satisfaction, the Mehlmanites fail to note that their party is also sailing through torpedo water.

It's going to take more than laughing complacently at the Democrats for Republicans to maintain the majority come Election Day. The GOP must also find a way out of the pit it has dug for itself through ignoring the demands from tens of millions of angry voters for accountability and fidelity. The GOP has a character and credibility problem that had better be addressed quickly, and to the satisfaction of millions of disillusioned voters. For even if the Democrats don't have a plan or a platform, the Republican Party's own institutional dissolution and moral cowardice may be a sufficient agent for their undoing in November.

The Republican Party has tried hard to ignore the great big hairy 800-pound gorilla sitting at the dinner table in the form of tens of millions of very angry Americans who voted Republican in 2004 and who now feel as if they have been suckered by the Republican Party- which is clearly the case, looking back over the last two years. The Republican Party owes these Americans an explanation. For instance:

The Republicans have yet to explain their support of this President's decision, in time of war, to make nice with nations who sponsor the terrorists who want us dead.

The Republicans have yet to explain why they squandered all that hard-won 'political capital' by way of a massive capitulation to the Democrat minority in the first months of 2005- a capitulation so utterly wholesale and shameful that it makes Jacques Chirac look like a pillar of resolve.

The Republicans have yet to explain their arrogant refusal to cut billions of frivolous and self-enriching pork projects, particularly those of Republican House Speaker Dennis "Porky Pig" Hastert, who is on record for his vitriolic outbursts against those who dared hold him accountable for it.

The Republicans have yet to explain why, after six years of Republican majority and in spite of a massive outcry from Americans, our borders are still dangerously wide-open, and why Republican incumbents want to grant amnesty to illegal aliens at the expense of those who came here legally.

The Republicans have yet to explain this Administration's failure to find and prosecute people within our own government who continue to leak classified information with impunity.

The Republicans have yet to explain to tens of millions of angry Americans why they should again trust candidates and incumbents who have failed to do anything other than perpetuate the same damned old problem that Americans elected them to fix two years ago.

Hubris. Blind, dangerous arrogance.

I would respectfully advise those in the GOP who see this situation through roseate lenses not to get cocky. There are a lot more problems facing the GOP this go-around than they think. A few dozen million problems, in fact, all with an axe to grind against the "electables" who have weakened our nation. And while the Electability Wing of the GOP may have forgotten about all those angry voters, you can bet that the angry voters will not have forgotten about them.