Monday, August 14, 2006

Lebanese Cabinet Folds to Hezbollah Intimidation

Well, the cease fire in Lebanon is officially in effect, with no Lebanese troops anywhere to be seen in southern Lebanon. An international force of French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish troops is slated to come in and wipe the Lebanese PM's nose for him. Hezbollah has told the world who really controls Lebanon. The Dissociated Press tells us that refugees are streaming back into southern Lebanon as Israel begins their pullout.

Seems like Israel is the only party who is actually honoring their part of the cease-fire agreement. The Lebanese government has collapsed under the weight of its own cowardice. We now know without a doubt just who is running Lebanon.

I give the cease fire a week, maybe two, before Hezbollah starts lobbing rockets again. Maybe this time, the rockets will be pointed toward Beirut. The champions of the Cedar Revolution will soon have to defend themselves from themselves.

UPDATE: Seems that even my conservative estimate on how long the cease-fire would last was off by a mile. Hezbollah didn't even wait two days before they resumed lobbing their rockets. Can I say, "I told you so?"