Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nine Illegal Aliens Die in Rollover During Border Patrol Chase

Arthur Rotstein of the Dissociated Press reports that a Chevrolet Suburban carrying twenty-one illegal aliens rolled over as the illegals were attempting to evade Border Patrol agents. Nine illegal aliens were killed. Apparently, the spectacularly overloaded SUV did its Lassie impersonation as the driver swerved to avoid running over a spike strip set down by the Border Patrol.

How much does someone want to bet that the survivors hire ACLU attorneys to a) sue Firestone; b) sue Chevrolet and other makers of SUVs; c) sue the owner of the stolen SUV for not supplying them with three safer, smaller cars instead of forcing them to steal a large top-heavy model; or d) sue the Border Patrol for putting down the spike strip?

Look. I can't blame the folks for wanting to come to America. Their own government is filthy with corruption and their economy is in the toilet. Life is so much better in El Norte. Free medical and dental, housing assistance, education, a college degree, and the Gringo pays for everything. Just get your Senora pregnant, sneak her across when she becomes 5cm dilated, a couple of pushes and Ola, Easy Street! Thanks to the Democrats and moderate Republicans, Jose can even have the power to influence the American political process and paralyze city infrastructures by marching at rush hour! Is this a great country, or what?

Our government should be ashamed of itself for so many allowances for illegal aliens to come over that so many are now willing to sneak across by any means available, no matter how dangerous. Liberals would "solve" the problem by opening the border completely. That's no solution. And in time of war, the security of our borders should be of paramount concern to our elected government. It is not. And now Democrats are promising illegal aliens that they will soon be voting in America. Not that they have not used that resource in previous elections; they are just being more overt about it because they think they can get away with it.

If any blame should be cast in this issue, it should all land squarely at the feet of our government at every level for making this problem so huge in the first place, and for refusing to respond to the demands of American citizens to close our borders and punish those who employ and assist illegal aliens.