Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Arizona Wins Election Reform; Washington Languishes

Washington State "voters" should take note of this.

Federal Courts have upheld the voter-identity requirement contained in Arizona's Proposition 200, which stipulates that voters must prove American citizenship before being allowed to register to vote.

Democrat grassroots organizations challenged proposition 200, arguing that Arizona violated the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. The Federal Court answered that the prohibition of states from enacting their own voting requirements was not contained anywhere in the Act, and that the requirements in the Act were a minimum standard and not a maximum. Thus, Arizona had the right to take precautions beyond those stipulated in the Act to ensure the security of their elections.

This is a great victory for Arizona citizens, who have taken away the primary tool employed by Democrats for gaining enough votes for their party to win. But in the Socialist Republic of Washington State, voters still languish under the tyranny of corrupt elections officials, County Executives, and painfully corruptible election systems.

The state's last gubernatorial election was decided in favor of the Democrat challenger through the inclusion of illegal votes, the number of which was well over the margin of victory between the two candidates. A Democrat judge upheld the election. (Who would have guessed?) Christine Gregoire, the erstwhile Democrat "governor," declared Washington State's election a "model of precision and accuracy." Ron Sims, the spectacularly incompetent and corrupt King County Executive, crowed of an accuracy in counting that "any bank would envy." When he said this, he was laughed out of the building. (Incidentally, many banks in the area pointed out that if they allowed the inaccuracies in their counting that King County had, they would be in jail for embezzlement.)

Democrats in this state have violently opposed any measure that would essentially make it harder for people to vote illegally, on the flimsy grounds that such measures would "disenfranchise" persons who for some reason could not show proof.

So the citizens of Washington State continue to be held hostage to illegal aliens, convicts, transients, the criminally insane, leftist thugs, union pimps, and their second-rate whores who pose as a Governor, an Attorney General, a County Executive, and a Mayor in the most heavily-populated Democrat enclave in the state.

Washington State is in a dark age indeed. Will Washingtonians take up the challenge and unify to take back their own corrupted elections system? Only time will tell. But the citizens of Arizona have thrown down the gauntlet for other states whose citizens are burdened with a government that relies on illegal votes to keep them in power. Reform can be accomplished, and fair elections can be enforced- but only if the people are willing to fight for them.