Monday, August 07, 2006

Bush Changes Mind, Decides to Interfere with Israel's Self-Defense

A week ago, President Bush declared his support of Israel's right to defend herself against nations who threaten her existence. He voiced his belief that a premature cease fire would only allow Israel's enemies to rearm and redeploy, and thus would not do any good.

Apparently, the President has changed his mind about the importance of Israel's safety.

In a concerted effort with France (a nation that knows better than any other how to capitulate), President Bush has hammered out a proposal to submit to the United Nations (a body that knows better than any other how to run interference for genocidal butchers). The President pontificated, "we all recognize that the violence must stop."

Well, almost all. History indicates that whenever a terrorist group declares a cease fire with Israel, it is generally broken within days if not hours. But at long last, Israel has decided to reject the voices of appeasement from the Knesset, the UN and the United States, and start hitting back at her attackers. It's about bloody time. In a world overpopulated by nations who are all too eager to draft stupid surrender-happy resolutions and sing "peace in our time, kumbahyah," Israel is at last facing reality.

Apparently, the resonation of America's own experience with a fanatical Japanese enemy in World War 2 has faded to the point where we no longer heed one of its bloodiest lessons:

In a war against a fanatical enemy who will die before surrendering, the only time a cease fire should be called is when a) you either have to reload; b) when you run out of live targets; c) when you have completely smashed the capacity of the enemy to continue fighting; or d) all of the above.

The only terms contained in a cease fire resolution with which Israel should feel compelled to comply must allow for her to destroy Hezbollah and ensure their inability to commit future outrages against Israelis. Unfortunately, such does not appear to be the case since Madame Secretary Rice touted the cease fire terms as being agreeable to both sides.

Both sides? Why should we care if Hezbollah agrees to it? Israel is the one we should be protecting, and we should be rejoicing over the news of more dead terrorists, not helping them to buy time to recruit more meat puppets and renew their campaign for Israel's extinction!

I am beginning to suspect that this administration has taken full leave of its senses.