Monday, August 07, 2006

Let's Get Something Straight

Readers of my previous post may have been led to believe that because of my disagreement with the direction our current Administration is taking that I have become a knee-jerk opponent of America's Global War on Terror (TM). Let me assert here that such is not the case at all.

I am for any operation that results in dead terrorists. I am against any diplomatic overture that results in terrorists continuing to breathe. I am bloody well against any diplomatic overture that allows terrorists the opportunity to rearm and renew their attack on a soveriegn democracy. And I am fangs-out furiously against any American-led diplomatic overture that gives terrorists a right to determine their destinies and clears a place for them at the table of civilized nations. What the hell is this President thinking?

Look, Mr. President. This is very simple. We are either at war or we are not at war. Which is it? You won't fight a war against terrorists by giving them the opportunity to keep striking you and your key allies. Stop trying to avoid hurting their feelings and get on with the business of knocking hell out of them before they get the wherewithal to kill more of us! We voted for a man who promised to prosecute this war full-on. Instead, we got Neville Chamberlain with a Texas drawl. He has committed this nation to a war for our survival, and now he's playing tiddlywinks with the people who are trying to destroy us. And he's doing it with France, of all nations. Exactly how is this supposed to contribute to our victory over terrorism?


To summarize: I love America. I love our heritage, our call, and our historical role in the defense of freedom and justice. I hate the thought of appeasing terrorists and tyrants. And I am supremely dismayed by our Commander-in-Chief's apparent lapse of reason as evidenced by his push for a cease fire at Israel's expense and Hezbollah's benefit.

You ask: How will it harm Israel and benefit Hezbollah?

Thanks for asking. It harms Israel and benefits Hezbollah because it allows Hezbollah to live. What America should be doing is supplying everything Israel needs to utterly annihilate Hezbollah and then link arms to destroy the common enemy nations who support Hezbollah.

Do I support peace? Sure I do. Peace through dead terrorists.