Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Republican Remedy for Defeat: Promote Defeatists.

Let us consider the events of the first week since the day before the Republicans got their arses handed to them. Three major things leap immediately to mind.

1: After the departure of Ken Mehlman from the chairmanship of the GOP, everyday Republicans (that is, those who actually have to work for a living) were hopeful that the Party leadership had understood our supreme dissatisfaction with their abysmal performance and their abandonment of the principles for which they ascended to majority status. (For a more detailed analysis, see my 11/8 postmortem of the election). Much to our dismay, a promising conservative candidate for the chairmanship was stiffarmed in favor of Mel Martinez (R- Mexico City), a pro-amnesty limpwrist liberal who also favors our dependence on foreign oil.

2. In their search for leadership after the thinning of their herd, surviving Republicans searched far and wide for a strong Minority Leaderwho could steer the Party out of shoal water and found... Trent Lott. The same Trent Lott who defended earmarks and backroom party hack who faithfully carried the banner for the Old Boy Network and enabled the minority to take the initiative.

3. Party leadership immediately set out to widen the gap between themselves and the conservative Citizens who actually are Republicans. This is not isolated to the national level. In my state, even the Precinct Committee Officers are blaming conservative Republicans for the loss.

This is simply pathetic. The people who have usurped control of the party from the citizens at all levels have learned nothing, and thus have proven their unworthiness for leadership. The time has come for every conservative Republican to gird up, link up, and get active.