Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Public Schools are Run by Liberal Idiots, Part 678

Just when I thought that the mouth-breathers who have taken over the leadership of our public schools could not possibly do any more to erode the ability of our children to develop valuable social skills, I read this story. It seems that a Massachusetts elementary school has taken turning America's children into spineless, soft, socially-vapid drones to a whole new level.

Now, don't get me wrong. Dodgeball can be a pretty brutal game. But we learned valuable life lessons from dodgeball: namely, "If you can't take it, don't play." But you won't see games like that on playgrounds in very many public schools anymore. These games are "dangerous and exclusionary."

What that means is that some candyass socialist liberal ACLU gender-blender twit is upset that when he/she was a kid he/she got his/her ass kicked in a competitive game. Now that he/she is all grown up and a self-important school superintendent, he/she will make those mean little bastards on the playground pay, and no little child of parents who never got over it will have to endure the terrible meat-grinder known as "four-square" again. Doesn't that make you feel just dandy?

So what games will we see on the playground? Here are my predictions, based on the PC liberal idiots who have overrun our schools:

"Burn the Flag"
"Hide and shred"
"Go to the Head of the Madras"
"Pin the label on the Bible-thumping Christian Right-wing Fundamentalist"
"Chase the Jew"
"One-Circle" (Because four-square is dangerous and exclusionary and we want our children to be one in consciousness, Kum-bah-yah... except for Christians and Jews.")

Did you ever wonder where all those playground whiners went? You know, the ones who always pitched a royal hissy-fit when they got called out, or got pummelled in dodgeball, or were out in the first round of four-square, and then they tattled on you to the teacher with some made-up story just to get back at you?

Behold, our public school leaders of today. Kum-bah-frickin'-yah.