Monday, August 28, 2006

Mainstream Media Found Dead Under Karr

Well, for all us cynics out there, let us raise our glasses of whatever poison suits us in tribute to the late mainstream media.

As we cynics so inerrantly predicted, John Mark Karr is a great big non-story. His version of the JonBenet Ramsey murder- that is, his false confession- was proven to be as dubious as his masculinity. The only thing Karr is guilty of is being a really, really creepy dude. And the mainstream media has once again proven its utter irrelevance by shoving every other important story out of the way so that millions of slathering View-bimbos could get their daily fix of wierdness:

"John Mark Karr was teaching 2nd grade in Thailand! And John Mark Karr had his hair removed and wanted a sex change! Oh my God, this is earth shattering stuff! ...Oh, yeah, and some plane crashed in Kentucky and fifty people are dead... "

And that was just Fox.

It's hard to believe that the media could perpetrate anything more tasteless than Katy Couric shoving a camera up her bung and inviting all of America to take a tour. But I think that this tops it.

So here's to the mainstream media. May it feed many ravens in the ash heap of history.