Monday, August 21, 2006

Ron Sims and King County Fail to Defend Scapegoating

Stefan Sharkansky at Sound Politics brings us the news that King County's attempt to scapegoat a key whistleblower has failed.

Nicole Way attempted to bring serious flaws within the elections system in King County, Wshington, to the attention of Bill Huennekens and Dean Logan, who were in charge. But it seems that Huennekens and Logan had the elections system exactly the way they wanted it, and they did not appreciate having someone around who knew too much. So they fired Nicole Way and attempted to pin the mess on her instead, engaging in a vicious smear campaign that would have made CBS blush.

Way filed for arbitration, and she won. Now that Dean Logan is inflicting his incompetence on Los Angeles, King County Executive Ron Sims no longer has anyone left to hide behind. The trail of corruption and incompetence ends where it began: on the desk of Ron Sims.