Friday, June 23, 2006

Kerry: "America Demands a Pullout- Hey, Where's Everybody Going?"

John Kerry should have gotten the picture the last time he tried to grab the spotlight. In his most recent escapade, Kerry-the-Mediocre did not take into account that his personal bid to stake out a political platform for 2008 would force the Democrats to make a very public and politically-suicidal stand on a definitive pullout of our military from Iraq. That is the last thing the Democrats want to do during a critical election cycle. But Kerry, never one to know when to quit while he still had friends, went ahead with his public political seppuku. And of course Kerry, invertebrate that he is, did it with his usual, craven, cowardly, sneaky old John Kerry flair- by slipping a rider on an existing defense bill. But a Republican senator caught Kerry's game and called the Boston String Bean's bluff by bringing Kerry's subversive rider into the open, nearly verbatim, and calling for a debate. The result was a smackdown that would have made Hulk Hogan squeal like a schoolgirl, with only six Democrat senators siding with Hanoi John.

"The Republicans aren't playing fair!" Harry Reid whined. "They shouldn't have openly challenged us to a toe-to-toe fight when they know that we can't win this debate! They should have let us be more sneaky about weakening our nation in time of war!"

Meanwhile, the Boston Wailer learned his lesson, he said. He was being too easy on the Republicans, he said. The pullout date was too far out, he said. "I'll make it sooner and we'll show the Republicans how America really feels about this war," vowed Laos Lurch.

Well, Kerry-the-spineless learned how America feels about the war, and he learned how few friends he has left. Only a few more of his fellow Democrats sided with him in the second rout in as many weeks. But Kerry's move to regain the spotlight hit the ground with about as much style as a garbage bag full of spaghetti dropped from the fifth floor.

I applaud the Democrats who saw Kerry's attempt to wreck the progress of this war for his own personal gain for exactly that. I hold no illusions the all Democrats see it that way. Some just did not want to be caught out as cowards in an election year. Many limp-wristed RINOs voted from the same motives. (We know who they are, and we'll deal with them soon enough.)

Nothing speaks of Kerry's total irrelevance like nearly his entire party abandoning him to his destiny- a nobody who wasted his life trying to become somebody at the expense of everybody. Well, Hanoi John is still who he always was- an opportunistic, spineless, conniving, cowardly little traitor. Only now he is damaged goods for a party that is desperate to regain power.