Saturday, September 08, 2007

8 things About Me (Or: I've Been Tagged, and I feel so... dirty!)

I was minding my own business when my dear cyberfriend Not Nurse Ratched slipped the old tag-eroo on me. And according to the tag, I am to offer up 8 fascinating facts about myself.

Well, okay. Although I fear I may lose the mystique that makes me oh-so-fascinating and alluring, I think I can dredge up some stuff for my dear readers. Here goes:

1. I spent 14 years as lyricist and lead vocalist with an obscure progressive rock band before stepping away to devote more time to being a nurse and working on disaster research. My fans-all three of them- couldn't keep their hands off me... now that I think about it, I think I may owe them some money...

2. I was a merchant seaman, sailing all over the place, and during that era I lived in Tahiti. Are' maru!

3. I have not read fictional literature in years (unless you count the Seattle Times). My reading consists of naval history and research papers. (Wow. I'm living on the edge. Hold me back before I hurt myself!)

4. I held a beating human heart in my hands once. Having my hands on someone's chest is pretty much an everyday occurrence. (Stop thinking dirty: it was therapeutic, people!!!) But having my hands in someone's chest was really weird.

5. I have a thing for cars that are powered by large engines that go VROOOOOM loudly enough to make strong men faint. And I drive them very, very fast. Cough...on a closed circuit, of course... ahem.

6.I consider ER one of the best situation comedies ever written about people who work in the field of emergency medicine.

7. I always take the time to point and laugh at people who spend 20 thousand smackers on a blob-like, shockingly unsexy Toyota Prius (The official car of Birth Control) and then slap two dozen bumper stickers on the back end of it. I can't blame them for it... after all, it's the only way they can voice their opinions without being challenged to defend them. (By the way... if such a person happens to read this post, welcome and all that. And by all means, express yourself. Slap those stickers on! But if you do, then at least have the presence of mind (I know, I'm reaching here) to oh... I don't know... maybe, update your slogans or something so as to keep up with current events and at least not appear to be some uptight whiney-baw who simply cannot let things go. Look- I am here to help, and I am in a giving mood: so I urge you to heed the following: Kerry lost three years ago. Remove the damn sticker, already.)

8. I am the youngest of four children, and the only son. It wasn't all that bad... except maybe for the hand-me-downs [rimshot]. Thank you! I'm here all week! Don't forget to tip your waiter!

Okay, sports fans. While I feel somewhat less enigmatic, I think that if this tawdry expose' draws me closer to my dear readers, then it is a good thing.

Okay, everybody... Group hug!