Sunday, July 30, 2006

Israeli Stand-Down, Hezbollah Cowardice, Lebanese Rubicon

Israel has declared a brief stand-down in order to allow humanitarian aid to enter war-ravaged neighborhoods in southern Lebanon. Although Hezbollah will undoubtedly take advantage of Israel's sense of compassion to move still more thugs and weapons into areas populated by innocent people, Israel will maintain the high road.

The stand-down is a smart and noble move on the part of Israel, and it displays the moral character of the two belligerents with million-candlepower clarity. That is, that Israel is on the side of justice in this conflict, and Hezbollah is the same old bunch of parasitic, socially-carcinogenic, baby-raping pieces of Islamic jihadist garbage that they have always been. But Lebanon, which has historically been cast as "The Official Hostage Nation of the Middle East", has been presented a golden opportunity to change her historic role, and stands to gain immeasurably if her people make the right decision.

Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman (n.d.) said, "War is hell," and it is. In an armed conflict where good (Israel) is fighting evil (Hezbollah), the evil always hides behind a hostage (Lebanon), and the hostages suffer as a result. Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist organizations want it that way. It's horrible, it's nasty, it's heartbreaking. But in destroying the lives of innocent people in order to protect their own worthless hides, Hezbollah serves to point out to the civilized world the desperate necessity of complete, systematic, and relentless extermination of Hezbollah and other Islamic jihadist vermin, from the earth. These vermin are worthy of no more and no less, and we should thank Israel for every single Hezbollah coward whom they have sent to their fate, wallowing with 72 sows in a richly-deserved eternal pigsty.

But what will become of Lebanon? Here is what I personally think. You don't have to agree; if you don't, then by all means please share your thoughts. Anyway, here goes.

My opinion is that if any lasting good for Lebanon can arise from this horrific situation- and good can indeed arise from this- it will only come if the Lebanese people and their government unite to expose and eliminate the vermin who are hiding in their midst and who use Lebanese children as body armor. I think that the moment Lebanon starts ejecting and exposing the Hezbollah pukedogs, Israel and other free nations will practically climb all over each other for the honor of helping her succeed. And why not? A free and stable Lebanon would contribute in no small measure to the stability of the Middle East.

But how many more innocent Lebanese will have to die until the nation decides to finally take action to secure her own future? That is entirely up to the Lebanese. It's Lebanon's future to win or lose; nobody else can decide this for them. For thousands of years, other nations have been deciding Lebanon's fate. Now Lebanon must decide for herself. A UN resolution could not move the Lebanese to act (not that the UN is ever taken seriously in such matters anymore). Will the sight of dozens of their mutilated and maimed children will be enough? Considering that the hundreds of hostages to Hezbollah who have thus far been killed have not moved Lebanon to action, even these dead children may not be enough. The untold thousands who have died before the current conflict were never enough to move Lebanon to throw out the vermin who have so thoroughly infested her and robbed her of a place among civilized nations. Thus, it is difficult to say when the Lebanese will finally decide that they are ready to cross their Rubicon.

Nonetheless, I personally believe that the Lebanese themselves must take up arms in unity with Israel to destroy Hezbollah if they are to gain true independence from Syria and, to a lesser extent, from Iran. Will Israel help the Lebanese? You bet they will. It is in Israel's best interest to help Lebanon. A stable Lebanon means a secure northern border and a future ally. And let the reader be reminded of the magnificent courage the Lebanese showed during their Cedar Revolution against that cowardly, baby-murdering Syrian bastard Assad. It is time for Lebanon to complete her transformation from hostage state to civilized sovereign nation. To accomplish this, they must actively participate in the annihilation of Hezbollah and then in securing their borders from further Syrian infiltration. The only obstacle to Lebanon is Lebanon herself.

Why do I think this? Because it is not enough for any neighborhood to say to a violent gang, "We will not put up with you anymore." The people must show unwavering unity of will, heart, soul, and determination in rooting out the gang and ejecting them- and their influence- permanently. Hezbollah will of course murder more innocent people to try to strike fear into the Lebanese. They will stop at nothing to regain control. Only through sheer guts and determination will the Lebanese prevail.

But if Lebanon rises up against Hezbollah, the United States cannot fail to help them. Israel cannot fail to help them. The civilized nations of the world who are willing to fight for justice will not fail to help them. The United Nations, whose relevance and usefulness as an international organization were nullified decades ago by their own corruption and greed, cannot- and must not- be allowed to meddle in the process.

I also wonder: will this conflict escalate and spread beyond Lebanon? I think it is imminently possible. Just as the Iraq war brought the terrorists out of the woodwork and under our guns, I think that, to paraphrase Adm. "Slew" McCain in describing Guadalcanal, Lebanon can become a "bottomless sinkhole" into which the terrorists sent by Syria and Iran will be thrown and lost. Furthermore, if Syria chooses to come to the throwdown, Israel will kick Assad's bony ass all the way back to the Euphrates River. Iran will bluster and rant, but Iran has neither the guts nor the national stomach for war with Israel and her allies. They would, in my opinion, stand to lose much more than they are willing to risk right now.

I would further maintain that through all of this, it must be recognized that the other principal belligerent, Israel, is a free and democratic nation who is surrounded by Moslem thugs who have vowed to destroy her. Israel, a sovereign nation, has the right to defend herself from these socially-backwards baby-murdering bomb-throwing Islamic jihadist sandhumpers. Furthermore, Israel has the right under international law to initiate military action against any other nation that threatens her safety. Of course, the NY Times and other liberal pro-terrorist propaganda diaper wipes may not see it that way and they certainly do not want us to remember this important point. But for the rest of us human beings who are still able to think rationally about the world around us and who understand what is really at stake here, the facts surrounding Israel's casis belli are glaringly obvious.

Lebanon has a choice to make, and the United States and other democratic nations must do all we can to encourage the Lebanese to choose the course that will carry them away from being the historical battleground for surrounding nations and towards becoming a strong, democratic, stable, and vital contributor to the culture, politics, and history of the Middle East.

UPDATE- Well, it seems that Lebanon has not undergone as deep a revolution as one would hope, at least on the face of things. Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora has proclaimed Lebanon's allegiance and thanks to Hezbollah. One can almost feel the cloud of doom building over this poor nation, thanks to Assad. Under international law, Israel should feel no pangs of guilt when they let slip the dogs of war.