Monday, December 31, 2007

Chicago Attorney Keys Marine's Car, Hides Behind Law

Okay, I try to stay away from politics and hot-button topics on my blog, but what is being done to one of our nation's finest by a suckegg, military-hating attorney really pisses me off.

BlackFive has taken up the clarion call against the felonious damage perpetrated by the hateful, arrogant Chicago family attorney (that's right- family attorney) Jay R. Grodner. Grodner has committed his own brand of hate crime.

Grodner is trying every dirty trick in the legal book to see to it that justice will not find him. Grodner even stated to the Police that his victim accused him of keying the car because Grodner is Jewish.

I know my readership is not nearly as large as the other blogs. But I know that you are among the finest, most intelligent people that I could ever have the pleasure to call my friends.

Read the story. Get the facts. Draw your own conclusions. My own conclusion is that disbarment and prosecution is too good for this SOB.