Monday, October 29, 2007

The Living Dead

I saw a woman at the store near my house last Wednesday morning after I got off work. The moment I saw the woman, I knew she was on Meth. Her face was covered with black sores; she was pale, scrawny, dirty, and absolutely wild-eyed. She was practically dancing in place. Her speech was a jumble of pressured and confused babble; her movements were grandiose and repetitive. She constantly rearranged the items she placed on the checkout counter. At one point she looked right at me. Her expression was chilling.

She managed to pay for her groceries, but then loitered outside the entrance, pacing back and forth and mumbling to herself. She approached one or two people outside. I told the clerk to call the police. They would probably haul her to a local ER and dump her there, and the ER wouldn't really be able to do anything for her but watch her, but at least she wouldn't run into traffic or assault someone.

When people are 'cranked,' they seem to suffer a total disruption of reality. The laws of physics and of cause-and-effect seem to be suspended for them. They're stolen away to a kind of 'parallel universe.' On their side of reality, they race unfettered at light speed and are bombarded from every direction with pure stimuli; yet on this side of reality, their bodies literally fall apart from neglect and abuse. They are animated rotting corpses. They are real-life zombies. They are the living dead.

Yet because they still exist (the word 'live' no longer applies for their hell on earth) in our reality, they carry along with them the attachments of the people who love them. They are still somebody to somebody else: somebody's daughter, son, brother, sister, mother, father, husband, or wife. And we can only watch in powerless horror as our loved one is stolen away from us and, day by day, cut by cut, over months and years, butchered and left to decompose before our eyes.

This is Meth. This is what it does to us. Why have we as a society allowed our leaders and law enforcement agencies to pussy-foot around with this?