Friday, February 02, 2007

For Nurses: A Great New Online Forum

I tend to avoid advertising on my blog because I dislike clutter and do not wish to bombard my dear visitors with extra stuff. However, when I see a good thing I like to let my readers know about it.

As a nurse, I look for online forums in which I can connect with other nurses in a professional and collegial atmosphere. I envisioned the ideal nursing forum to be free of clutter, easy to navigate, and without any of the trashy advertising and sexual overtones that are so prevalent on sites such as MySpace (which I detest). I had yet to find that ideal forum and was tired of other nursing sites that seem to have devolved into forums for debate on such merry-go-round issues as whether or not nurses should revert to wearing starched whites. I had essentially given up on my search.

Until now.

Allow me to introduce NurseLinkup, a brand-new online community and forum for nurses. It's free, it's easy to navigate, and it appears to focus on issues and discussions that are driven to enhance nursing knowledge and to strengthen collegial communication among nurses. The site allows for blog posting, internal communications, email, and chat. It also allows for total privacy of information should the nurse so desire. And it is free of charge.

If you are a nurse who is looking for a better way of communicating with other nurses, I invite you to take a look at NurseLinkup for yourself.